While poetry is my love and I have all the patience in the world for her…Meta Data and webdesign are not my friends.

If you haven’t noticed, when you share a link to one of our pages, the meta data, or what it posts about that page, is stuck on the old “Poetry Breakfast comes to a close.”

This will be fixed today Feb. 8th, 2016.  (Well, God knows I hope so).  As a result, the links will all be changing today.  The site might not navigate quite right.  Old links may die and new ones born.

There are many reasons for getting the site set and in order more than a month before we begin publication again.  Unexpected frozen old meta data turns out to be one of those reasons.

Rest assured all will be in order soon.  The link changes will only effect our navigation menu.  There will be no changes to links to past posts or poems.

I hope you’ll keep the submissions rolling in.  Reviewing submissions is a joy.  Fixing frozen meta data issues — kind off makes me want to throw the laptop out the window.  So please, send in your submissions, even while I’m tweaking the site.  You submissions will go a long way to helping me stay sane and keep the laptop on  my lap instead of tossing it out a window, off a bridge or several other places I seem to be considering right now.


Ann Kestner



Photo by Gill Donnell