Poetry Potluck and Inspiration Buffet

In addition to our daily Poetry Breakfast, each Sunday we will host a Poetry Potluck and Inspiration Buffet.  All poets, from novice to Pushcart nominees are welcome to bring their best dish to the table.  We hope it will be a wonderful potluck of poetry with many flavors and plenty of new dishes we wouldn’t find elsewhere.

The goal of our weekly Poetry Potluck and Inspiration Buffet is to provide a place for all poets regardless of experience and publication history to join together in the spirit of poetry for all.  It’s about the love we have for writing poetry, not about the subjective quality of any particular poem.  Every poet, no matter their level of skill, has something to bring to the table.  And that something is their love of writing.

We will also provide a vast buffet of sights and sounds to spark inspiration for new works.

All poets are welcome to post ONE poem in the comments section for each Poetry Potluck and Inspiration Buffet.  This is a place without judgement.  There are no gatekeepers, no editors, no rejections.  Everyone is welcome to post ONE of their own original poems at the Poetry Potluck.

We do ask that when posting a poem, you keep in mind that our readers range from children to seniors and come from dozens of countries around the world.  So profanity, hate, and sexually provocative work is not appropriate and could be deleted.  We don’t want to censor any poet’s work, but we must also have some sensitivity to those who will be reading.

We’ll do our best to bring you an extensive buffet of inspiration.  And we hope you will bring you best poems to the table.

You can find each week’s Poetry Potluck and Inspiration Buffet here.

If you are interested in having your poems considered for our daily Poetry Breakfast (something separate from our once-a-week open potluck), please visit our Submissions Guidelines page.

Photo by Walz.