We’ve tweaked our submission guidelines.  The goal is to help poets promote their poetry books.

What’s changed?  In addition to previously unpublished poems, we will also consider poems from single author books that haven’t been previously published outside of that book.

What does that mean?  Well, all is the same for poets who haven’t published a book yet.  You can still send previously unpublished poems for consideration.  But for those poets who have a book of poems, they can submit poems from their published book.  Granted, the poems still need to be previously unpublished anywhere other than in their book.

How does this help poets?  When submitting poems from a book, include the title of the book and a link to where the book is available.  If your poem is accepted, we will include the book title and a link to it along with your author bio.

What if I don’t have a book of poetry?  That’s perfectly okay.  We still want your previously unpublished poetry submissions.

For full details visit our Submission Guidelines Page.