A Hopeful First

hands jangle from your ears
as we walk down the block
and i try to find that cafe,
you know, that we’ve been
meaning to go to.

maybe not the kind you’d like,
or perhaps you would, we’ll see
it’s quaint, and it has a little yard in the back
that bursts in the spring and
is a little lonely in the winter.

and there’s a man there who works and
has a voice deep and mellow like hot green tea
you shouldn’t get excited, though, because
i wouldn’t want you to get disappointed when you hear him
as he takes your order.

anyways, i hope you like it
nearly as much as i did when i first found it,
and sitting with sandwich and cappuccino,
thought the rising light on the brick walls was gorgeous.
i hope you enjoy this trip, and you don’t find me off-putting
but please do let me know otherwise, because i dislike games.


About the Poet:
Chaebin Jeon is a sophomore studying Public Health Studies at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. He is the son of Korean artists who currently live in California. In his free time, he enjoys singing, reading, writing, and searching for craft beers.


Photo by Thomas Ulrich.


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