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What Lingers – A Poem by Mary Fox

What Lingers A poem by Mary Fox What LingersShe took your old-but-still-working truckto her new job, taught her kids to drive in it,loaned it to her husband when his jeep pooped out,fetched groceries and birthday presents in it.Whenever she drove it back to visit me,our old cat Boguy slid outside to examine the tires,sniffed each carefully to check where she’d been,then return to the house to rub against her,purring in his approval.(Earlier, when I had given her your key nob,its tinny metal and crackly plastic,lingered in my finger memory—a kind of scent or, perhaps, some imprint of youthat never wore off…

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Wherefore – A Poem by April Krassner

Wherefore A poem by April Krassner Wherefore I cannot remain fixed on the factof Saturday, or is it a concept?The concept of Saturday? I’d likeit to be. I’d like it to be bothfact and concept: Saturday.Maybe it is. Maybe not. Maybe it floats from one shore to another, floats in terms of time zone, latitude, language.The concept of this named day betrays history, wrecks the abacus of adding time to the changing of time, the countingadding, subtracting clocks, reversing mornings for evenings, exchanging time for time lost or gained. The fact of Connecticut decries the fact of Islamabad or Western Ontario. Even though I have lost Saturday, the…

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advice from my future self – A Poem by Rose Brightree

advice from my future self A poem by Rose Brightree advice from my future self here i sit under the ancient evergreens,ninety-five growth ringsgracing my faceand still the winds of lifeblow through medid you succeed or fail?that is what you came hereto askfailures?they are all forgotten,and most successes you willnever see,being thoughtless and invisible,small everyday kindnessesleaving scatterings of lightbehind you,the kind that make the skybluewhat is it you fear—change?death?is a withered leaf afraid of descent?of transformation?it falls from life tolifein all the universethere is not one breathout of place About the Author: Rose Brightree is a poet, artist, classical musician,…

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road trip – A Poem by Cynthia Bernard

road tripA poem by Cynthia Bernard road trip happily ever afteris not a smooth glidedown a freshly-paved highwayin a pristine silver Mercedesunder clear skies the road can be bumpyand some of those potholesare decades oldand pretty darn deepsometimes we cruise alongenjoying the viewchecking out enticing detours or going pedal-to-the-metalto get to that little dinerwith the best burger ever other times we get lostin a mazeof unpaved streetsand some of themare dead-enderswith no warning signs there are a few mapsin the glove compartmentbut someone did an origamifold-and-tuck on themand they’re impossibleto open the google lady’s no help eitherthere are too many placeswith no…

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