Poetry Breakfast is now accepting submissions.

Every morning, Poetry Breakfast delivers a new poem.  Our daily poems are handpicked by the editor to insure they are fresh and delicious.  If you are interested having your poems added to our menu, just follow our submission guidelines as shown below.  Submissions are accepted year-round.

Submission Guidelines

Submit 3-10 poems at a time.  Poems should be between 10 and 60 lines.  Shorter poems are preferred.  Prose poems are also acceptable.

We no longer accept creative non-fiction pieces.  We seek poetry only.

What we’re looking for:  We’ll know it when we read it.  That’s really the only honest answer.  And honesty is what we are looking for.  Feed us.  Nourish us.  Help us taste life and beauty and truth again.

What we’re NOT looking for:  Nothing bitter.  No artificial sweeteners.  Nothing that belongs on the kiddie menu, though keep in mind that there may be children with us at the breakfast table.   Rhyme is almost never accepted.  Poems with a / or other unusual symbols are unlikely to be accepted.  Poems must have a title.  If you haven’t named it, it’s not finished yet.

We do NOT accept work that has been previously published by a third party online or in a printed anthology.  We do accept poems that have been published in a single author book.

Previously self-published work is accepted.

In an effort to help poets promote their books, we will also accept poems that have been published in a single author book.  If you have poems in a book that have not been published elsewhere, you are welcome to submit them.  Please include the the title of the book they appear in and a link to where the book is available (straight links only – affiliate links are not permitted).  Learn more here.

NO Simultaneous Submissions.  We’ll  do our best to respond as quickly as possible so you won’t have your poems waiting here in submission limbo.

Response time is a few days to a few weeks.

Authors retain all rights to any work they submit.  By submitting your work you grant permission for Poetry Breakfast to post your work on our site and allow it to remain indefinitely in our site’s archives along with your name and bio.

Where and How to Send Submissions:

  • Email submissions to PoetryBreakfast (at) outlook.com
  • In the subject line put POETRY SUBMISSION – YOUR NAME
  • Put your poems in the body of the email. It’s so much easier for us if you put it in the email.  If you must attach, in needs to be in a single word .doc or .docx with your name and email address on every page.
  • Include a brief 3rd person bio under 100 words (a link to your site or blog can be included).  Bios may be edited if they are too long.  It just looks ridiculous when your bio is longer than your poem.  Keep it short and simple.

We will be nominating deserving poems for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net. so send your best work.