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City Pool by M.R. Smith

City Pool
by M.R. Smith

I exit the city dripping,
sagging like hip-hop pants,
equally useless; my arms
clutched from my risk-on day.

On the train I think
I must be a sight
with my eyes wide and
leaving a trail like a slug.

My night will consist
of vigorous motion,
pacing, tossing, turning;
trying to dry off

before tomorrow when
I must make another
ill-advised steep dive
into the shallow end.

M.R. Smith lives in Boise, ID and will have work appearing in the fall in The Red River Review.

Children by Michael Ashley

by Michael Ashley

I watch as they play
with a matchbox car,
in their eyes the carpet
is the lushest meadow,
their limbs are mountains,
and the light-bulb above
is a swinging moon.

Looking past them
out through the window
over the lights of the city,
I smile — content
in the knowledge
this bastard world
is yet to molest them.

Michael Ashley, is a 30 year old from the county of West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, most of the time he is either working the 9 ‘til 5 or walking his dogs, but in between this [and the rest of the menial tasks that come along with life] he writes a little poetry.

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