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If I was born a boy, I would have been my brother – A Poem by Robin Gow

If I was born a boy, I would have been my brother
by Robin Gow

but we call him “Billy”
because my dad is “Bill”
and my grandfather was also “Bill.”

I would have searched the antique market
for old leather prayer books.

I would enjoy Necco wafers and Smarties and
I would wipe their sugar-chalk on my thighs.

I would be straight.

I would like girls who smell like blackberries
and who might also vaguely believe in God
like me

I think about this all the time
what a name does to a person.

What did my first name do to me?
After all those years.

When people say “Sarah”
I still look up

as if she’ll be there.



About the Poet:
Robin Gow’s poetry has recently been published in POETRY, the Gateway Review and the Roanoke Review. He is pursuing an MFA in creative writing at Adelphi University and currently serves as the editor-at-large for Village of Crickets and the social media coordinator for Oyster River Pages. He is an out and proud bisexual transgender man passionate about LGBT issues. His first full-length collection is forthcoming with Tolsun Books.

Again – A Poem by Bernadette Ní Riada

by Bernadette Ní Riada

A narrow strip of dawn hangs vertically
in the space where heavy drapes

don’t quite meet. I lie in stillness
watch the grey blur morph into day.

Barefoot, I walk to the window
slide the disconnected pair apart.

Light instantly spreads itself
around the room

across the tracks of fractured sleep
visible now, in twisted creased up sheets.

I hear the familiar,
first stirrings of a household.

Again, I befriend
the dream of wakefulness.


About the Poet:  Bernadette is a native of – and lives in – Co. Kerry, IRELAND. Her work is published in Poetry Ireland Review, (Ed. Eavan Boland). The Anthology Still In The Dreaming, (Ed. Annemarie Ní Churreáin). The Haibun Journal, (Ed. Seán O’ Connor). Other publications in which she is published include, River Poet’s Journal, A New Ulster, Duilleoga, Little Gems and Ireland’s Eye.
She has read her work on local radio, (Radio Kerry). and last year, she was guest poet at the ‘On The Nail’ reading series in Limerick.

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