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I’d like to think (October 14, 1995) – A Poem by Marietta Calvanico

I’d like to think (October 14, 1995)
by Marietta Calvanico

Your scent is
in my hair
(or maybe in my mind)
clouding that grey territory
of things said/unsaid

maybe it doesn’t matter
if the moment was left silent
maybe it’s all the same
whether through words or touch
or some other-worldly sense

we are locked in this present
it’s like a train pulling away
as we run down the stairs
getting there just in time
to see its lights
disappear into the tunnel


About the Poet: Marietta Calvanico lives in Staten Island, NY. After spending a bit more than two decades in advertising/marketing, she now works with her architect husband and has been able to devote more time to writing, art and music. Her poetry, short fiction and non-fiction have appeared in print and in on-line publications including The Bare Root Review, OccuPoetry, Dying Dahlia, River Poets, The Driftwood Review, damselfly press, Straight Forward Poetry, Bond Street Review and others.

The Nepalese Man – A Poem by Shalom Galve Aranas

The Nepalese Man
by Shalom Galve Aranas

And you said Nepal
your home, is beautiful,
And I replied: the nature
in you.
This love is slow,
limpid and warm.
I take my time
for you
to come home
to the temples
inside me.


About the Poet:  Shalom Galve Aranas has been published in The Blue NIb, Former People, Written Tales and elsewhere. She is a loving, single mother of two.

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