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Michelle Gregory

Tides of Change – A Poem by Michelle Gregory

Tides of Change
by Michelle Gregory

Like magic you arrive and disappear.
Salt water stings my open wounds.
Broken pieces of the unfortunate—nature’s reminder.
Waves pound down.

The moment has arrived.
The power underneath pulls and crashes back down.
Washing away all signs of life and death.
Seeping back in to make everything whole.
I await your next arrival.



About the Poet:
Michelle Gregory is a Canadian writer who enjoys reading and writing poetry. She loves to travel and enjoys spending time in nature with her two dogs. She is a member of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association and is currently writing her first novel.
Instagram: @iam_michelle_gregory
Twitter: @michellemgreg

Fractures in Time – A Poem by Michelle Gregory

Fractures in Time

is a second not a second;
a minute not a minute.
Do you need minutes,
to have seconds?

first love,
a day at the beach,

a day of rain,

Your last breath,
an hour.


About the Poet:  Michelle Gregory works in the banking industry and lives in Hong Kong. She is Canadian and enjoys spending time outdoors with her two dogs. She is a member of the Womens Fiction Writers Association and is currently working on her first novel.


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