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Perfect – A Poem by Karlo Sevilla

by Karlo Sevilla

There’ll be a hypothetically perfect
children’s birthday party one day.

There’ll be a hypothetically perfect
child’s birthday party somewhere soon.

Or hypothetically…always.

I spent the years
with neither time nor money
to spend for such birthday party.

(And there were even years
without any party at all.)

Now all I have is this,
something that will never be his:

My fault, my fault, my most grievous

And he, a child no more.



About the Poet: Karlo Sevilla writes from Quezon City, Philippines. His poems have appeared in Philippines Graphic, Indiana Voice Journal, Radius, Matter, Bombinate, an Origami Poems Project microchap, in the respective first anthologies of Riverfeet Press, Peacock Journal, and Eternal Remedy, and elsewhere. He is active in the online poetry workshop of Rat’s Ass Review. He also coaches wrestling and Brazilian Luta Livre, and does volunteer work for the labor group Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (Solidarity of Filipino Workers).

His twitter account is @KarloSevilla, Instagram’s @karlosilveriolagmansevilla, and Facebook name is Karlo Silverio Lagman Sevilla III.

114 Reasons I Love Being A Dad – A Poem by Jim Landwehr

114 Reasons I Love Being A Dad
by Jim Landwehr 

I saved a school assignment of
my daughter’s that reads
114 Reasons My Dad is Super

It ranges from the obvious
He reads to me.
He nice.
He takes me to the park.

To the hearfelt
He dances with me
He’s a speisal dad
He takes care of me

To the admittedly hilarious
My dad sings in the sower
My dad fixed our toilit.
He reads adult books.

And even downright fabrications
He makes me cookies (Lie! Ask my wife)
He jogs with me (I did?)
Dad feet smell. (Hey!)

These 114 memories of hers are
now memories of mine and serve
as a reminder that the days are
long and the years short.

Never underestimate your
actions as a parent
they are watching.


About the Poet:  Jim Landwehr has two nonfiction books, Dirty Shirt: A Boundary Waters Memoir and The Portland House: A ’70s Memoir. Jim also has three poetry collections, Reciting from Memory, Written Life and On a Road.  His non-fiction stories have been published in Main Street RagPrairie Rose PublicationsSteam Ticket and others. His poetry has been featured in Torrid Literature Journal, Portage Magazine, Blue Heron Review and many others. He lives in Waukesha, Wisconsin with his wife Donna and their two children. He enjoys fishing, kayaking, biking and camping. Jim is poet laureate for the Village of Wales, Wisconsin. For more on his work, visit:

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