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Serving a little poetic nourishment every morning. Start your day with our new expanded menu. Poems, of course, are our specialty. But we will also be serving a fuller menu that includes poetry book reviews to feed poets' and poetry lovers' souls.


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Everything You Need to Write a Poem – Poetry Potluck and Inspiration Buffet 5/22/16

Today’s inspiration buffet features a quick talk and writing course from Daniel Tysdal to get you started on writing your next poem.

Photo by Mozlace.

The comment section is OPEN for you to share your thoughts and poems.

Ezra Pound, Modern Poetry Yale Video Lectures

I did say a while back that I’d been throwing in a few poetry lectures and courses…now that school’s started up again…here we go…

The lecture introduces the poetry of Ezra Pound. Tensions in Pound’s personality and career are considered, particularly in terms of his relationships with other poets and his fascism and anti-capitalism. The poem “The Seafarer” is examined as a quintessentially Poundian project in its treatment and translation of poetic forms. The first Canto of his epic project, The Cantos, is analyzed as a meditation on the process of expressing and engaging with history and literary tradition.

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