Beginning March 20th, 2016 Poetry Breakfast will once again serve a little poetic nourishment every morning.

Start your day with our new expanded menu.

Poems, of course, are our specialty.

But we will also be serving a fuller menu that includes poetry related creative non-fiction such as letters to and from poets, essays on poetry, and anything else that might feed a poet and poetry lover’s soul.

We offer free delivery, every morning, straight to your inbox.  To get your daily poetry breakfast, just look to the right on your computer screen for the Free Delivery button.  Scroll down on your mobile phone or tablet to find the Free Delivery button.  You can also stop in to our website at any time and sample our full menu of every dish we’ve ever served for breakfast.

You can also follow us on Twitter twitter-icon

Submissions are always wanted and welcomed.  We’d love to see what you have to bring to the table.

Poems are our regular dish.  But we hope to offer other flavorful poetry related work.

Please see our Submission Guidelines for all the details.

And don’t forget to tell all your word eating friends that we’ll be serving poetry for breakfast.

Our History

In December of 2011, Poetry Breakfast started serving a poem every morning.  The kitchen was busy, dozens of poets offered their best dishes, and people were fed well.  In October 2012, Poetry Breakfast was put on temporary hold due to Hurricane Sandy.  The decision was made in late November 2012 to stop serving breakfast indefinitely and perhaps permanently.

Ann Kestner, the founder and editor of Poetry Breakfast lives along the Raritan Bay in New Jersey.  While she fared well, only losing power for a week due to the storm, the impact shifted her priorities.

Just as the tides constantly change, so do the priorities in our lives.  After a few years hiatus, Ann can now return, with full energy to running the kitchen at Poetry Breakfast.


About the Editor

Ann Kestner began submitting her poetry to journals in the old caveman days of SASE and typewriters.  Over the years she has toyed with a few pen names, published a few books, even sold a couple of the books she published to a couple of people, and has had her work appear in dozens of journals and zines.  She is currently working on several projects, including managing Poetry Breakfast, writing and publishing Odd Bound (a collective of work by fiction poets), and creating online poetry workshops and courses.