Each morning, Monday through Friday, Poetry Breakfast publishes a new poem. On the weekends, we publish poetry book reviews and a list of poetry books to consider. Our daily poems are handpicked by the editor to insure they are fresh and delicious.  If you are interested having your poems added to our menu, see our Submission Guidelines. Submissions are accepted year-round.

Our History

In December of 2011, Poetry Breakfast started serving a new poem every morning.  The kitchen was busy, dozens of poets offered their best dishes, and people were fed well.  In October 2012, Poetry Breakfast was put on temporary hold due to Hurricane Sandy.  The decision was made in late November 2012 to stop serving breakfast indefinitely and perhaps permanently.

Kay (Ann) Kestner, the founder and editor of Poetry Breakfast lived along the Raritan Bay in New Jersey during the storm.  While she fared well, only losing power for a week, the impact shifted her priorities.

Just as the tides constantly change, so do the priorities in our lives.  After a few years hiatus, in March 2016, Ann returned with full energy to running the kitchen at Poetry Breakfast.

After a brief hiatis in 2018, Poetry Breakfast, began accepting poetry submissions in April 2019 and as of May 1st, new poems were served up once again along with poetry book reviews.


Our goal is to give poets the exposure and credit they deserve.  This includes nominating outstanding work to both the Best of the Net and Pushcart Prize.  To see the poems we have nominated, visit our Awards page.

About the Editor

Kay (Ann) Kestner is the founder and editor of Poetry Breakfast.  More about her background, her poems, and free poetry eBook series can be found on her site at AnnKestner.com.