Into The White

My heavy black coat protects me from
The freezing temperature.
Strolling into nothingness, I walk on, just
Entering the pure blankness.

A big tree ahead stands out,
Like the dash of color on an empty canvas.
I suppose I’d stand out too,
For someone on the other

The heavy winds pick up the snow and
Throw it in my face.

I can’t even remember when I began my walk, and
I feel that I’ll fall back.
Aimlessly, I trudge through all
This snow and bitter weather,
Seeking warmth within some

What’s beyond the white,
I’m not quite sure.

But I continue stumbling through.
I just hope I’ll get to know.




About the Poet:
Ezra Kronfeld is a contemporary American writer and poet. He authored the chapbook Waking Up & Other Poems, and his work has been featured in 1947 Journal.



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