People don’t have the time or the attention span
to read any more words than necessary.
—Jennie Haskamp

Every word breathes necessity. Contrast
is the interplay between mundane and eye-
catching, the everyday and Pearl Harbor,
diet coke and methamphetamine. Spend
an afternoon beneath the prairie skies
and watch clouds dimple, transition from smirk
to suggestion during their elapse,
take no for an answer, but still leave
with a different lover that night thinking
that honestly went better
than expected.




About the Poet:
James Lord Parker is a Toronto-based writer and musician for the Toronto band, Illvsionia. His poetry has appeared in Sewer Lid, Scarborough Fair, SickNotWeak, Paragon, and other journals. While working on his book of poetry, James spends his time drinking copious amounts of coffee and finding new uses for his English degree from the University of Toronto.



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