The place where the fox lives
by Julija Gulbinovic

the place where the fox lives

orange seeds lie around like teeth, flakes of meat hold onto cherry bones

in the darkness of its thoughts it knows, when joy visits here it seems it will remain forever
when the fox cries, it cries for everyone

disentangling itself from grass and fog, the fox finds itself praying in front of a mirror, wide-eyed darkened face
hair tied back, the purity of the worn-out

it can still hear the sound of leaves under its energetic steps through the vineyard

the earth will be frozen soon and the birds will have left

for a moment, it desires comfort and its body aches for forgiveness
it wishes to let the old souls go, it wishes to tidy up the place

Julija Gulbinovic, is a Lithuanian from Vilnius, and she lives in London since 2006. She studied Human Geography. Now her greatest pleasure and challenge is her Arabic lessons. Apart from that, she dances flamenco and is planning an escape.