where i ache Where I Ache is more like having a friend speak kind words, offer comfort and relate to you rather than just a collection of poems. Megan OKeeffe writes in a natural voice. It’s clear. It’s want you want to hear in the dark times of your life.

I chose this one for its open and straight forward approach. It hits mental illness head on without bothering to skirt around the reality of it with fancy and flighty words. It speaks directly and with love to those who are suffering.

The words want you to know they care and they want to be the friend that’s there for you through thick and thin.


Book Description:

This collection is broken up into six chapters ranging from themes such as depression, jealousy, grief, and strength. These delicate subjects can be difficult to talk about and most people avoid them because of the uncomfortable vulnerability. This collection features content that can be triggering for some. I’ve always written and shared my poetry with the hope that readers would relate and feel less alone. I hope you feel a sense of community to all of those connected throughout this collection.

Book Details:
Available in Print and eBook through Amazon.
Print Edition: 156 pages
Publication Date: May 31, 2019


Sample Poems

Everything You are Makes You Perfectly You

I don’t need you to have the smallest waist
There’s not a single part of you I would ever want erased.
It’s perfectly fine that your curves don’t look like hers.
Don’t go worrying about where my eyes are looking
I’d love you even if I was blind.
There’s no need to be self conscious
when you speak your mind.
Smart and funny, you’re the whole package honey.
Caring and sweet, you make my heart skip a beat.
Everything about you makes me want to stay
And I wouldn’t want to love you any other way.



The Mind’s Maze

I fill my head with words
from a tv or radio
to drown out my own.
Otherwise I get lost
in my own mind,
losing direction
of how to find the way out.
Thoughts anchor to each other
weaving a web over any exits.
An endless loop entrapping me
from Sleep’s comforting silence.


About the Poet: Find out more about Megan OKeeffe at her site https://debatablydateable.com/