Poetry Breakfast

Beginning March 20th, 2016 Poetry Breakfast will once again serve a little poetic nourishment every morning. Start your day with our new expanded menu. Poems, of course, are our specialty. But we will also be serving a fuller menu that includes poetry related creative non-fiction such as letters to and from poets, essays on poetry, and anything else that might feed a poet and poetry lover’s soul.


Melanie Browne

Fever in Ivory by Melanie Browne

Fever in Ivory
by Melanie Browne

the partridge rosette that sits on her head,
shredded remnants of spring scattered
across the stonehenge
of her heart,

She doesn’t  pray for
Spring’s  return
like all the others-
instead she sits and waits

her  heart counter to
the precambrian wind,
she is frozen
in time,

like a statue of Mary,
far from Jerusalem,

the hammer of wintertide
colossal clock of winter


Melanie Browne is a poet and fiction writer living in Texas. 


A Torrid Street Affair by Melanie Browne

A Torrid Street Affair
by Melanie Browne

I bumped into a man
on the street in Paris,
He says,
a glorious moment,
my short Paris
romance with
a French speaking
and just like that
he walks away,
leaving me
as soon
as it had


Melanie Browne is a poet and fiction writer living in Texas.

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