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PD Lyons

Mira Gut – A Poem by PD Lyons

Mira Gut

there are no flowers here but snow.
the bay not yet free chunked with ice
the white of which exists only against a distant liquid sea.
at least the sun visits, comforting,
illusion though it is,
visions of thawing, melting down to something green.

in the long sleep of winter, I have dreamed
something Spanish that you said along a twilight turquoise
something soft covering sun drenched shoulders
silver threads an old man’s harp played for money by the moon



About the Poet:
PD Lyons was born and raised in the USA. Traveling and living abroad since 1998. Now permanently residing in of Ireland.  Received The Mattatuck College Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry.  Received Bachelor of Science with honours from Teikyo Post University Connecticut.  Please visit pdlyons blog at


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The Girl Next Door By PD Lyons

The Girl Next Door
By PD Lyons

When I remember
Third floor windows
Tall white lace sails
Summer all running in our veins
Her mother in the kitchen
Making cool aid and plate full of something
Cookie sweet to eat

She wanted me to stay
I was afraid, wanted to go home
But didn’t want her to know
Not wanting to be in this house of too many windows
Overlooking this mill town valley

But she wanted me to stay
Besides the rains begun
Going to be a real storm
Already rumblings from darkening horizon

And her mother agreed
I’ll call your parents. They won’t be worried.
You can stay for supper. You like hot dogs don’t you?

And that was how I learned not to be afraid of storms
Not to hide from thunder or lightning
Frances and her mother, exuberant
Ohs and ahs and joy over every
Menacing vibration sudden crash
Every flash veining skeletal zigzag

PD Lyons has been writing for a long time and hoes to continue to do so even longer. pd lyons work has appeared in mags and zines in North America and Europe and beyond. Two collections of poetry have been published by Lapwing Publishing Belfast. Please visit pdlyons blog for poetry publishing info and new releases:

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