An Ode to Baba

Ever since the streams coiled back,
A tongue twisted with time
Baring the stones that made you
Marking your strength
The red soil stares in the eye of life
Never letting it win
Never sparing even a breath
I hear your heart
It has never been different from mine
Though silence has now built a wall
Perfect in symmetry or square
I hear you scorning
To lay at the mercy of the dark
The tubes grow out of your nostrils
You look wild as a tree
But your hands have held the clouds
They even know the taste of the dust
Before the dusk breaks me
Into an absence
Before I slip into
My own unknown
Before and as ever before
Just be
You know I still haven’t learnt
How to end something

About the Poet: Poornima Laxmeshwar resides in the garden city Bangalore and works as a content writer for a living.


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