Caffeine makes my hands shake.
Funny thing, since not much else
Makes me tremble. Nothing else
Even comes to mind. I don’t shake
During scary movies, or when home
Alone at night, or when he hits me.
I didn’t even start shaking that time
I was camping and a bear came within
Five feet of me. My hands were still.

I don’t even like coffee.
Funny thing is I drink two cups a day.
Why? Don’t ask me. Maybe I sort of like
Watching my hand as it shakes on its own
Account, moving without permission from
My mind. Uncontrollable.
Funny thing is I do control it, though.
I choose to drink coffee.
Controlling the uncontrollable.
Funny thing.


About the Poet:
Sarah A. O’Brien enjoys dark chocolate and light wordplay. Sarah is the founder and Editor-In-Chief of the digital literary journal, Boston Accent Lit. Follow her adventures @fluent_SARAcasm and read more of her writing at


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Photo by Michel Jarmoluk.