Where are You
(In memory of my mother who passed in 1989)

Three decades since I saw your face
Your voice’s tune long forgotten
How I wish I could erase that day
From so FRICKIN long ago
My only true love
Forever gone?
Someday to behold once again?
The pain I thought I had erased
Pain pinching poignantly punctually persistently
Other souls come and go
Into this void, I thought filled
Always empty?
I’ll never know
One day
I’ll see you again



About the Poet:
Teresa (Terry) Manuszak grew up in NJ but has lived in three states for her career in Education. Her passions are God, people, children, animals, music and words. She believes words are the intellectual and emotional connection between humans. This is shown through her fervor for teaching Reading/Writing and her persistent addiction to conversation.


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