Poetry Breakfast will be arriving January 1st, 2012

Each morning will feature a new poem.  Start your day with the words we are all so unlikely to hear in our everyday conversations.  Words that are not a to-do list, not the office script, not work words, or pre-taped polite conversations.  Have a few sips of syllables that connect the truth inside all of us.  Nourish your soul with a language open enough to notice the beauty, pain, and wonder within and all around.

Then, you’re more than welcome to flip though the daily paper logs of politics and arrange calamities, ask strangers how they are without wanting to really know, repeat the same twenty lines with a few blanks filled in that you said at work yesterday, and the day before, and the day before, and so on.

But first, have your poetry breakfast.  Goes great with that cup of coffee.