by Anne Westlund

Darkness at mid-day
The birds quiet
The streetlights go on.

Told not to look
Could blind a person.

The sun
Peeking out behind the moon.

Just a game of hide n’ seek
Hoping, always hoping
I’ll be found.

I look
Not blinded
Not content
To look through plastic.

In former centuries
This event would mark
And civic unrest.

Now just a cosmic blip.

I was 10.

Anne Westlund is enrolled in a Masters Program for Interfaith Studies. She lives in Western Washington, near the coast, with her family and cat, Betty Boop. Six of her poems have been published in Lifelines by the Poetic Muselings, published by Inkspotter Publishing. Five of her poems and three of her photographs have been published in the first Restoration Earth Journal published by Ocean Seminary College. Please visit the Poetic Muselings group blog at: