At the Farmer’s Market
by Jennifer Luckenbill

tip-tap, tip-tap of passing feet,
the swing and swoosh
of birds taking flight,
flit here, flit there,
the soaring reds
and trumpeting greens
and the great sounding bass
oranges of pumpkins

kids hop-hopping, foot-to-foot
and a Husky pup show-stopping, his admirers
oh-ahhing, as he resists the leash, sniffing
the joy of people and noise,
here, try an apple, the best apples
            mix-and-match, mix-and-match, right here!
we got your roasted corn, step right up,

the symphony of smells,
tantalizingly clip-clopping
behind us for a mile,
the brassy yellows and greens
of the tacqueria, the crescendoing notes
of the busking harmonic player,
all the heart-stopping, over-joying
life at the center of the city.

Jennifer Luckenbill is a recent Library Science graduate in search of a new life, which will include more writing. She writes to make sense of her life and because she’s had a love affair with words for as long as she can remember.