Welcome to this week’s Poetry Potluck and Inspiration Buffet.

Every Sunday we serve up a buffet of inspiration to spark some creation.

We also hope you’ll share your own dishes with us.  Poets are invited to post one of their own poems in the comment section.  Something sparked by or about this week;s topic.  Or if you just don’t have anything that matches, give us something a little different than this week’s topic and we’ll call it a dessert.

Inspiration Buffet:

Of course, today’s topic is Spring.  In all its meanings.  All its endings, potentials, and beginnings.  Hope, flowers, seasons, ending of winters, seeds, late frost, last snow, first thunderstorms, wind, rain, green, growing…this is truly the season of anything, of all that was, is, and will be.


Poetry Potluck:

Bring your dish to the table.  We invite you to use the comment section below to share a poem of your own, sparked by or related to today’s Inspiration Buffet.