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The Poetry Breakfast Kitchen Reopens:

I don’t know about you…but I miss Poetry Breakfast. We, the readers, writers, and me as the editor were a community. One with a love of language and an appreciation of humanity expressed through poetry.

It’s been four years since the “kitchen” closed. Yet, without a single new post in those years, the site still has an average of 400 views each month. That might sound small, but I’ve done nothing to drive any traffic to the site. Readers and poets published in the journal receive all the credit for continuing the life (though a dormant life) of Poetry Breakfast.

Since its first birth in 2011, Poetry Breakfast has closed and reopened twice. Now, yes, I’m opening the kitchen again.

What’s On the Menu:

The heart of Poetry Breakfast will remain the same. Nothing bitter, saccharine, or too sweet. Something that reflects the connectivity of our humanity through the written word.

That doesn’t mean this incarnation will be identical to its past lives. Poetry Breakfast has always added to and subtracted from the menu.

A new poem will be served every morning Monday thru Friday.

The newest item on the menu will be Saturday Matinees featuring a short play to read.

Why? One I’ve been transitioning from screenwriting to playwriting thus it fits with where I am as a writer now. Also, it has a sort of harmony with poetry. Reading a short play is not a far leap from reading a poem. Plus, it offers a special treat to those who wouldn’t otherwise want or be able to find short plays to read in other literary journals.

Funding For Poetry Breakfast:

Another change, one I’m admittedly uncomfortable with, is the addition of money into the matter. Fear not. Standard submissions will always remain free. Poetry Breakfast could not be true to itself or its purpose if suddenly everyone had to pay to submit.

There will be a special “fast response” submission option for a nominal fee. It’s completely optional. Poets and playwrights can choose to either submit for free and receive a response in 3-6 weeks. Or they can choose to leave a $5 Tip and receive a response to their submission within 7 days.

You’ll also find a “Tip Jar” and you can visit the Support Poetry Breakfast page for other ways to financially (and also for no cost) help support and grow Poetry Breakfast.

Before you cringe any furth at the thought of money (trust me I’ve done enough cringing for all of us) please keep in mind that I started Poetry Breakfast in 2011. It’s been fully funded by me since the day it started. There was a brief few months that one or two readers generously contributed a few dollars while I experimented with Patreon. Aside from that, I’ve essentially spent twelve years personally paying for web hosting and domain registration (among other miscellaneous expenses) all on my own. While also doing the work of the editor, web designer, and promoter as an unpaid labor of love.

It’s not a complaint. I’m proud of every poet and poem published in Poetry Breakfast. I had the honor of nominating poems for The Best of the Net and for the Pushcart Prize. I believe all of the work we’ve published here deserves a sacred and lasting place on the internet to be seen, read, respected and returned to over and over again.

However, there does come a time when I need to cover the expenses and maybe get a couple of dollars for the endless hours I put into running Poetry Breakfast.

I know poets would love to be paid for being published, but at this point, I’m starting with just covering the operating costs. Maybe someday things will grow enough for Poetry Breakfast to become a paying market – but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves here. For now, just covering the costs of operation would make a great start!

Poetry Submission Are Now Being Accepted:

Right now, poetry submissions are open. Short play submissions will be opening in the next few days.

Okay, if you read the funding part, this will make sense. (If you didn’t, go back and read that section. You’ll understand.)

Click here to view the Poetry Submission Guidelines.

When The First “Dish” Will Be Served:

The first poem in Poetry Breakfast’s rebirth will be posted on Monday the 24th of April 2023.

Please Excuse the Dust and Construction Mess:

Between now and the publication of the first poem on the 24th of April 2023, I will be revamping the site. So, things may look a little wonky and updates will be in flux. But don’t worry. It’ll all be looking good when the kitchen serves up that first poem on the 24th.

To Old Friends and New Ones:

I want to welcome back all of you who have been with Poetry Breakfast over the years. Some of you from the very first days!

And to those who are just finding Poetry Breakfast, I extend a warm welcome. Hopefully, you’ll come to find that our kitchen serves up more than just words. The goal is to create a feast that provides the warmth and comfort of community and offers a language that nourish the spirit as we travel through this wild and wondrous world.

Takes Care Always,

Kay Kestner

Editor, Poetry Breakfast

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