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Ali Grimshaw

Phrases on Fire – A Poem by Ali Grimshaw

Phrases on Fire
by Ali Grimshaw

Now I sit inside heated regret
what I wish I would have said
rapid words that flew off my tongue
like butterflies leaving my mouth
beautiful at first sight, fluttering
toward you. With closer inspection
upon landing, were really illegal
firecrackers of burnt red destruction
flames that left you singed speechless
while I coughed on my smoking impulsivity.



About the Poet:  Ali Grimshaw blogs at

Borrowed Flight – A Poem by Ali Grimshaw

Borrowed Flight
By Ali Grimshaw 

Sometimes words
yet unhatched
nest in my throat
lodged discomfort
while growing wings wide
with an ache to fly free
I remain a listener
incubating the conversation
to come between us.


About the Poet:  Ali Grimshaw blogs at

Procrastinator’s List – A Poem by Ali Grimshaw

Procrastinator’s List

My list is overflowing,
letters are falling off the page,
some words are jumping
knowing they will get more attention elsewhere.
Many items tired of being ignored
have started a support group.
Finish is used to making friends by now.
Each longs for special alone time with me
eagerly waiting for the big day
the black line drawn
through their middle.
The gold medal of achievement.




About the Poet:
Ali Grimshaw, is the author of the poetry blog Flashlight Batteries,, that offers hope for those struggling in the darkness and a mirror for tough times in life. Ali is a lover of questions, Zydeco dance teacher, educator, mother and a poet at heart. She is passionate about leading shared writing experiences so that others may experience the power of their own voices.




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