Because They Say
by deb y felio

The hassle of breakfast
get dressed hurry up
gobble it down
don’t spill your cup

dishes left on the table
tumbled and turned
forgotten bread in the toaster
now twice burned

I don’t understand
how they could say what they say
that a meal like this
is the most important of the day.



About the Poet: deb y felio writes from the mountains and woods in Boulder Colorado.She worked for thirty years providing educational and mental heath services and advocacy to the under-served. She is an active member of Denver Lighthouse for Writers and The Boulder Writers communities. Her work is published online at Proleteria, Antinarrative, Writing In a Woman’s Voice, Tuck magazine, The Poet by Day, Right Hand Pointing, and With Painted Words. In print anthologies Hay(na)ku 15 ( Eileen Tabios, editor) and in Minnie’s Diary, A Southern Literary Review and Gabriel’s Horn Anthology,Surprised by Joy May 2019.