Gentle Spray
by KJ Hannah Greenberg

Gentle spray, your words lay
Inscribed upon my heart: true
Feather touches, your style
Calms, restores faith, plus renews.

Unwise trumps sought softer plums,
Hid language once welcomed,
While I, shied, huddling. Such
Music truly works too seldom.

Lifestyle “wisemen” prophesized,
Causing most folk to believe those odes.
Yet, you knew that kindness caresses,
Warmth kindles, disclosure folds.

Mist wafts. Sunlight fondly kisses.
Exchanged smiles sooth deep, clear
Tides. Slowly, our colors rise.
Breathing, we witness radiance and air.

KJ Hannah Greenberg has been twice nominated, in poetry, for The Pushcart Prize. What’s more, her newest, full-length, poetry collection, A Bank Robber’s Bad Luck with His Ex-Girlfriend, was released, by Unbound CONTENT, on Dec. 15th, 2011, and her next electronic chapbook, Supernal Factors, will be broadcast by The Camel Saloon’s Books on Blog, on August 2012. In addition, an assemblage of Hannah’s short fictions, Don’t Pet the Sweaty Things, will be published by Bards & Sages Publishing, during March 2012.