Sick Day (2008)
by Ariel Westberg

Gordon, a dog I know,
bows, then glides into my belly
as I fold like a paper airplane on the rug.

My capillaries don’t understand the cough medicine’s intrusion.
My hands
retroactively succumb

to the whims of sodium buzoate and glucose
as they tremble like an addict in withdrawl.

My medicine mind

My robitussin tears.


Ariel Westberg is a poet and singer-songwriter from Los Angeles.  She attended the Evergreen State College and Cornish College of the Arts in Washington State where she studied writing, classical composition and vocal jazz.  She has been writing poetry, drawing, and singing since she was a small child.  Writing has always been her first love.  Her work has appeared in various poetry publications and she is currently writing a childrens’ novel.