Malibu Mornings (2004)
by Ariel Westberg

Each hour treads hastily upon bliss
and fleeting desolation.

Upon love and hate, even as the trees
gently call my name,
as the ocean is serene….

The tip of ocean’s tongue lapping at my toes;
granules of sand finding their way home
as this breeze is destined to my skin….

These sightless waves, they do not discern.
They reach indiscriminately
between a woman who believes that she does belong….
and a woman who does not.

But my lovely life winds down the bend
with knowing grins.
It gives me these Malibu mornings.

If I could do what a woman would do
maybe I’ll learn to be unafraid.

But my love does not fathom its enormitity.
And my strength doesn’t realize its mission.

Young and unhinged, as I sail along
the cocophany of the shore.

All I want is to belong
to everything
and everyone.

As the ocean wants for nothing.



Ariel Westberg is a poet and singer-songwriter from Los Angeles.  She attended the Evergreen State College and Cornish College of the Arts in Washington State where she studied writing, classical composition and vocal jazz.  She has been writing poetry, drawing, and singing since she was a small child.  Writing has always been her first love.  Her work has appeared in various poetry publications and she is currently writing a childrens’ novel.