A Trip to the Science Center
By Carlton Johnson

Yesterday, you were excavating
with a small horse hair brush
the skull of a T. rex , fangs emerging
As large as your six year old hands
“Here”, you exhorted, ” get some safety glasses and a brush”
So we both moved the tan sand grains
Watching as jaw and eye socket and snout emerged
Splurging on the stillness of the moment
Between sands and hands and inquisitive glances,
The scientific alchemy and a child’s wonder-filled revelry
While sifting through time and space.

Carlton Johnson has worked in a number of different area but mostly
concentrating on a variety of teaching math and science at middle, high school and community colleges. He loves poetry and enjoys having opportunities to read his poetry in public like at the 1st Mondays Poets Group. He is a recent transplant (5 years) to Florida from Baltimore.