By KC Bosch

Started out with See Spot run,
Fuzzy but fond memories of dad
reading “Uncle Remus”
doing the voices of each character.
Then a gift,
Winnie the Pooh from Ms. Fansler.
(a real chapter book) read it end to end.
Went to the bookshelf in our
(never had my own) bedroom.
found The Battle of Britain and never looked back.
two schools later before I read them all
history and wars, westerns and spies.
Later me reading to my daughter
One Fish two fish, dog eared blue fish…
When tired I would skim.
Very early on she caught me,
Back again to reread it all.
Older now she would rather read than eat.
Taking care of my dad as he was dying
I read a lot to and for him,
Killing time as it was killing him,
I found that Pooh book and the Battle of Britain.
They are on my shelf now.

KC Bosch is a photographer and woodworker who lives and writes in Rappahannock County , Virginia . He finds inspiration from the places he has lived as well as people and animals that make up his world.
He served on the Editorial Board for Saltian, Alice Shapiro’s forthcoming collection of poetry (unbound CONTENT). His poetry can also be found at