Curiosity Box
by Peter M. Gordon

Searching far corners at a garage sale
I find an old California job case
Filled with a life’s small souvenirs
With a grey rag I excavate accumulated dust

Unearth a bright green Volkswagen beetle key ring
Thumbnail sized ivory and beige seashells
Brown lions with painted manes lie beside
White plastic lambs and mottled deer

Other buyers flock toward silverware
Grandfather clock and oak rocking chair
I’m drawn to the bright plastic keepsakes
Once so carefully assembled for remembrance

Priced at one dollar; the family happy to get it
I purchase these mementos of the owner’s life
I hope when my children try to increase their bequest
Through re-selling my junk they’ll leave

Some things that inspire wonder
In my grandchildren, or their children
Or at least some stranger
Who will become my ultimate heir.


Peter M. Gordon has worked as a theatre director, writer, teacher, television programmer, and producer. He always loved reading poetry, and began writing poetry a few years ago when an essay he was writing about his oldest son came out as a poem. He lives in Orlando, Florida, where he’s a member of the First Monday Poetry Group. Peter’s poems most recently appeared in 34th Parallel Magazine and in “Poetry to Feed the Spirit.” Peter also writes a content development blog: