August 15, 1952 at the Copa
by Peter M. Gordon

In black and white photos
No one in my family ever smiled
Except that night

Shoulder to shoulder around table twenty-five
Cigarettes smoldering
Beaming at the camera

Uncle Bernie, Aunt Naomi, Aunt Roslyn,
Both sets of grandparents
Mom and Dad

Suits and evening gowns
Faces unlined, hair dark
Wearing their best shoes

Fifty-seven years later Mom still remembers
Vic Damone, the headliner
His voice sweet as honey on Italian bread.


Peter M. Gordon has worked as a theatre director, writer, teacher, television programmer, and producer. He always loved reading poetry, and began writing poetry a few years ago when an essay he was writing about his oldest son came otu as a poem. He lives in Orlando, Florida, where he’s a member of the First Monday Poetry Group. Peter’s poems most recently appeared in 34th Parallel Magazine and in “Poetry to Feed the Spirit.” Peter also writes a content development blog: