Peaches Merit
by KJ Hannah Greenberg

Peaches merit daily servings of lemon concentrate, cider vinegar, fresh cream.
Fennel can’t help but overdose children, while ilish fish remain ever tasty.

If I call you on your moral wanderings, while extending hands full of aceroia,
Is it possible to be blatant about the shearing of ethic’s stubborn sheep?

Suppose, that unperturbed, you chanced to factor various skills, also cinctures,
Into the mix of contracts which brought then, now keeps, us together.

Perchance, thereafter, your interpersonal abattoirs might render our congress’ meat,
Making us like so many other muted contestants bound for the glory of the stew pot.

KJ Hannah Greenberg has been twice nominated, in poetry, for The Pushcart Prize. What’s more, her newest, full-length, poetry collection, A Bank Robber’s Bad Luck with His Ex-Girlfriend, was released, by Unbound CONTENT, on Dec. 15th, 2011, and her next electronic chapbook, Supernal Factors, will be broadcast by The Camel Saloon’s Books on Blog, on August 2012. In addition, an assemblage of Hannah’s short fictions, Don’t Pet the Sweaty Things, will be published by Bards & Sages Publishing, during March 2012.