Mother’s Day Pilgrimage, U.S. Hwy. 131
by Elizabeth McBride

We stay between the painted
lines, taking our turns
passing politely
on the left
wearing our seat belts
minding the speed
and sitting neatly
in creased pants
while looking out
squeaky clean windows,
playing our radios –
“not too loud”

our mothers
‘said so’
upon a time.
And now
we bring them
flowers, cards, or
and we
swallow thoughts
that they look
smaller – maybe just
a little tired. We
pay the bills and
call the Doctor, check
on their prescriptions,
till the garden
mow the lawn.
And when they ask,
“Please, promise
that you’ll call
to let me know
when you
– I will wait up.”

We do.

Elizabeth McBride is a Fellow of the National Writing Project, an Amherst Writers and Artists Affiliate, and member of the Michigan Chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Ms. McBride’s poetry has been published in The Dunes Review, Third Wednesday, Seeding the Snow, Red River Review, and Scintilla.