It Comes Down to This
by Kay Robertson

I sit alone in a sunny room at the adult family home,
waiting for a caregiver to wheel me to dinner.

In the hall I hear a familiar voice,
“Help me, help me.”

“What’s the matter, Antonette?”

“I can’t find my house…”

“Why don’t you come visit me while you
think about it?”

Antonette pushes her walker into the room;
I reach out a gnarled hand to hold hers.
She smiles. I smile, too.

Despite deficits of aging,
I haven’t lost the capacity to be a friend.

Kay Robertson lives near Puget Sound in Washington State. Always an avid reader, semi-retired at sixty-five, she started writing poetry and joined an on-line poetry group at Writers Village University. Her work appears in Pirene’s Fountain Japan Anthology, Soundings Review, Loch Raven Review, Sugar Mule.