by Peter M. Gordon

Coyote discovers Florida
Our Hopi trickster god
Colonizes Appalachicola
Dwells in the central swamp
Amidst Seminole ghosts

I see Coyote’s sign while walking my dogs
Eviscerated possums on side streets
Emptied abandoned garbage cans
Paw prints leading to greenbelt
Guarded by thick kudzu and wire grass

Coyote’s short sharp barks
Call my dogs
They strain against the leash
To join his battles with gators
Sparrowhawk and black bear

Does Coyote miss
Dry washes and desert?
Or like John Smith
Sailing up the James river
Does he revel in the land of abundance?

Peter M. Gordon has worked as a theatre director, writer, teacher, television programmer, and producer. He always loved reading poetry, and began writing poetry a few years ago when an essay he was writing about his oldest son came otu as a poem. He lives in Orlando, Florida, where he’s a member of the First Monday Poetry Group. Peter’s poems most recently appeared in 34th Parallel Magazine and in “Poetry to Feed the Spirit.” Peter also writes a content development blog: