Not Untitled
by Jennifer Hlawacz

Place tray on plate…Push buttons, set for 5.

You will have a tasty hot
box of chemicaled convenience
by the time you’ve finished
not-walking to the gym.

Don’t worry, I always follow directions:

this poem is not untitled. But the teacher
always preached that old-
fashioned sexing is simply the easiest
thing We can do –

the human’s viaduct for natural inclination.

And they say that monkeys are the ones that
chuck their own poo. Admittedly,

I’ve seldom witnessed this outrageous tomfoolery.
This must be why Kubrick called it “A Clockwork Orange.”

A graduate student in Indiana, Jennifer is a fairly new poet who has been recently published in her university’s creative journal, Analecta. She travels, writes, skydives, bakes, and will teach composition eventually.