by Angel Uriel Perales

The pinprick of death is almost unnoticed;
a stubbed toe one afternoon,
confused about the already formed hematoma
while sliding up a sock,
months later shaking a slice of red onion
off your foot after cleaning the cutting board.
Then the fateful Friday night shower,
so weary your head droops,
scratching the scab until slowly rubbing
and feeling the contour peeking
underneath the fourth nail,
staring at the space between the flesh
and the water swirling down the drain
until shrunk and shivering from cold;
nauseated feeling fluttering within the gut,
something so small and absurd,
an eraser head,
a drop of melted chocolate,
just your luck at the end of that toe.
The pinprick of death is almost unnoticed.

Angel Uriel Perales is a poet and journalist currently residing in Valley Village, CA.
Please visit his poetry website at