Disco Nostalgia
by Catherine Giordano

The soundtrack of my youth.
The music summons
waves of nostalgia.

The Queen of Disco,
Donna Summer,
died Thursday,

slick, polished,
relentless, visceral,
all about music’s primal element,
the beat.

Donna Summer
had the pipes to sing
and something to say.
“Bad Girls,” “Hot Stuff,”
“She Works Hard for the Money.”

to female empowerment
and sexual liberation.

the legacy of this legend.
Get up and dance.

Today’s poem is from Catherine Giordano’s blog  http://newsprintpoetry2012.blogspot.com . Each day she takes an article from the Orlando Sentinel, her local newspaper, and transforms it into a poem.  She selects words from the article, keeping them in their original order, without adding any words.  The headline supplies the title. She is the author of The Poetry Connection andWhat Ifs, If Onlys and So Whats, a book of essays based on her speeches, and News Print Poetry 2012: Volume 1 January to March.