by Anne Britting Oleson

In the yellow daylight I am afraid
of nothing except not being in your mind.

I catch my breath and turn about,
thinking: soon.
Thinking: what unbearable agony
there is in waiting to breathe.

Things unlike you repeat you
over and over to me.
Look: I am cooking dinner, slicing vegetables,
and suddenly it is your clean sweat
which is in my nose,
the dimpled skin of your lower back
which is smooth under my hands.

You are in the back of my mind,
that primal part, which does not rationalize
but only knows and acts.

What is really me is compacted.
I am lost inside my own body.
I am thinking: soon.

Anne Britting Oleson has been published widely in the US, UK and Canada. Her two poetry chapbooks, The Church of St. Materiana and The Beauty of It, came out in 2007 and 2010 respectively. Another book, Counting the Days, is scheduled for release in November. Her blog can be found at .