Matters of Life and Death
by Marietta Calvanico

It’s high season in the garden,
drinking in the hot summer sun
testify with bold color
to the presence of life,
Basil, mint, rosemary
standing ready to release
potent sweet magic.

Long July days
mark time without fanfare
and the anniversary of your last day
passed by unnoticed,
Your happy yellow jacket
hanging, untouched
for the last six years—
I touch it.

Marietta Calvanico lives in Staten Island, NY. After spending a bit more than two decades in advertising/marketing, she now works with her architect husband and has been able to devote more time to writing and music. Her poetry has appeared in the Bare Root Review, the damselfly press, Poem2day, Word Salad Poetry Magazine, fourpaperletters, OccuPoetry and others.