Someday i’ll write a poem
by Diane Boisvert

About the sky
About the vastness of the undiscovered
portions of my mind

About the solid ground
About the tears spilt,
Splitting the earth, rendering unsolid
stability unquakable

Until its secrets spray uncatchable
Until it is grasped gray with colors
dripping between clenched fingers

Open, open up, oh hand
Send back those hues unto the clouds
Where they’ll reign unrained a mystery.
and i will say with certainty

Someday i’ll write a poem.

Diane Boisvert poetry has appeared in Taj Mahal Rview, Camroc Press Review, Monkey Kettle, Feathertale. Indigp Rising, Madswirl, Flask and Pen, Psychopoetica and is forthcoming in the Raleigh Review