Hard Going

I had considerable trouble leaving you.
It was car trouble, mostly: I wasn’t really
used to the standard, then, and it was
hard to find reverse; or hard to find it
fast enough anyway. Getting out of town
was no picnic either, with all that snow
piled up for blocks around the house,
the storm localized around the cold front
generated by your occluded heart.
I had to start running the red lights
because every time I stopped
people kept coming up to the car
asking me what took so long.
I have to admit this much, though:
when I finally got to the border,
even though I was running on empty,
I considered giving up and driving back.
But I only considered it briefly.

About Ron. Lavelette
Ron. Lavalette lives in Vermont, land of the fur-bearing laketrout, and has been fairly widely published, both in print and online. A reasonable sample of his work can be found at EGGS OVER TOKYO: http://eggsovertokyo.blogspot.com


Photo by Azwar Thaufeeq.