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Inspiration Buffet:

This week’s Inspiration Buffet features photos by The Pixelman and a poem from Lorraine Cipriano.

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Photos by The Pixelman.


Aquarian Soul Sister
by Lorrain Cipriano

Marching to a different drum beat
a great change is now upon her
the moody and reckless visionary
this shift in energy inevitable
complacency coming to an end
sparkly point in time briefly
lifts maddening depression
her soul like an instrument
attuned to the world rhythm
this journey leads to paths
weaved into relationship webs
where wisdom of the past trumps
foolish decisions made in haste
larger collectives molding her
finally in the present moment
so calm entering a new realm
refusing to morph back into
the status quo and instead going
fearlessly to a sacred sanctuary
where fantastical ideas emerge
heavy veils of human suffering
become transparent as she begins
to challenge authorities with art
making the unknown known
in the middle of the universe


 Lorraine Cipriano is currently the editor of the Ohio section of The Poets Without Limits Magazine and the co-founder of a long-running literary series called “Women Unbound”. She has been published in the following publications by Writing Knights Press: “Unbound”, “Out on the Streets”, “The Squire: Grand Tournament III Anthology”, “Page-A-Day Poetry Anthology 2015”, “1,000 Paper Cranes”, “Writing Knights Press 2014 Anthology” and “The Squire: Grand Tournament IV Anthology”. She has also been published in both the “50 Haikus, Volume 1 Issue 8” anthology and “50 Haikus, Volume 1 Issue 9” anthology by Prolific Press.

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