This week’s inspiration is sparked by the poem “Paragraph Island” by Rollo Nye.

As humans, we have the most complex spoken language of any creature on Earth.  With that, we have words that separate, connect, section off, unite, lift and drop.  We sometimes seem to have too many words.  Often not enough, or just not the right words.  Occasionally, our meaning comes down to just the punctuation.

As poets we know how much power a language has.  How words define.  How we are constantly renaming ourselves and the world.  How when we lose the meaning of a word, we can lose the meaning of ourselves.


Paragraph Island
by Rollo Nye

I was always behind the eight ball in high school English
When trying to figure out how to diagram a sentence into a tree,
Pronouns and adverbs went to their assigned places,
While nouns and verbs, no doubt, went elsewhere.
Meanwhile, I was nowhere around
Hypnotized without my knowledge or consent,
Assigned to solitary confinement,
Onto my own paragraph island,
Only to return years later
As a question mark
In search of a sentence.

Rollo Nye is a poet in hiding somewhere in New York. His poems have recently appeared in tiny poetry: macropoetics and Killer Whale Journal and will soon be published in The Basil O’ Flaherty and Degenerate Literature.

Photo by Tapani Hellman.

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